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Door Entry Overview

Door EntryWe are approved installers for many door entry system manufacturers including GDX, Pearl Lion, Entrotec, Fermax and as an ECA, NICEIC company can offer a complete service from initial surveys to specifications, design, installation and final handover with O&M Manuals, installing into local authorities, Housing Associations, TMO’s and commercial premises.

Stanley GDX 5 Lite

Stanley GDX Door EntryIf you looking for a robust Audio Door Entry system using simple analogue technology, then you need look no further than the GDX Lite range of Door entry with a vandal resistant Stainless steel Door Panel as Standard and many of the features and functionality requested in the social housing Market, GDX has proven its self as a reliable quality Product for over 30 years.

With some great features included in the standard product such as Integrated indigo Proximity access, Privacy of Speech, electronic circuit isolation and timed privacy, for systems of up to 16 apartments and two entrance panels it has proven one of the most popular brands on the market.

Optional features to comply with the Equality act include Yellow Bezels for the entrance panel buttons, braille engraving, inductive couplers for handsets, raised tactile buttons with led indication and extension sounders and flashing Beacons.

Entrotec Systems

Entrotec Elite Door EntryElite

Elite is a simple to use and easy to install door entry system suitable for low rise buildings with up to 16 apartments and 2 entrance doors. The system is fully isolated and is ideal for Low Rise applications that require audio only, colour video or ‘mix and match’ handsets.

  • Isolated audio or video system
  • Secured by Design compliant and tested

Entrotec Apex Door EntryApex

Apex is ideal for Low and High Rise developments that have multiple apartments and doors, or where Concierge facilities are required. Straight forward to install handset marshalling cabinets satisfy even the most complex audio, video or ‘mix and match’ door entry systems.

  • Fully isolated system
  • Secured by Design compliant and tested
  • Remote lock release connector (SBD requirement)
  •  Call waiting feature

Pearl Lion IP Systems

Pearl Lion Video EntryIP Video Door Entry

If you want something more than a Door Entry System then look no further than the Pearl lion SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) Video Door Entry.

The system uses the latest IP technology to provide an easy to install system offering an abundance of new features never before offered in a video Door Entry system. It comes with 7” Colour Apartment Station or 4.3” Colour Video handset options

Not only can the system provide what would be considered a minimum require for a video door entry system it can do much more including but not limited to the following features and functionality.

IP Apartment Station and Video Handset

  • Timed Privacy
  • Divert Function – The handset or apartment station can be put into divert mode allowing calls to be taken on a mobile phone IOS or Android using  wifi or 4G connection (4G gateway required)
  • Beacons and sounders for hard of hearing
  • Camera Image – If you miss a call the handset and apartment station store the image of the last ten callers for future viewing, these can be deleted by the residents at any time
  • Inter Apartment Communication – The facility existing to call other residents within the complex using the keypad facility on the handset or apartment station as standard.
  • Basic Intruder alarm (Apartment Station only)- The Apartment Station can be used as a basic intruder panel arming and disarming the system via a touch keypad on the apartment station. Any alarm activation can be forwarded to a concierge facility or directly to a residents mobile device as well as activate local sounders.
  • Text Messaging – If the system has a concierge facility then Text messages can be sent to each handset or apartment station individually, Or messages can be sent to a predetermined Group, Building or Estate.

Door Entry Keypad Panels

IP Entrance Panel

  • Integrated Access Control – Each entrance panel can come with fully integrated Access control without the need for further equipment, enabling the management of up to 1000 keys per panel. With the facility for Full Cloud management via a 4G Gateway.
  • Video Camera – Each Panel comes with an integrated colour video camera as standard and the Option to integrate the video stream from an external IP Camera. (Model approval required)

Door Entry Maintenance

HJS strive to achieve first time fixes on all maintenance work received in order to minimise inconvenience to residents. We allocate bonded stock in our stores for each contract and all engineers carry extensive stock of parts to achieve a first time fix.

HJS utilise a live bespoke maintenance system which allows us to despatch jobs to our on-site engineers and view job details in rea-time. Through this system we can provide accurate details of completion dates and times, length of time an engineer/ carpenter has spent on site and the materials they have used. This gives us accurate cost information which enables us to produce invoices efficiently.

If a component requires an in-house repair, we have the ability to fix down to component level, therefore reducing the amount of time awaiting repairs from the manufacturer.

All our engineers are factory trained and accredited on all leading door entry and access control products.

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