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Warden Call
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Digital at Home
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Digital Journey

Warden Call Overview

Warden Call from HJSHarrold-Jones Services design, install and maintain various digital Warden Call systems.

We work closely with our Warden Call partner, Tynetec, who are part of the Legrand group and together we can offer a solution for every scenario whether it’s supported housing or independence at home.

Digital at Home

Digital at HOmeAs the UK moves away from traditional analogue infrastructures, it’s vitally important that we maintain life critical connectivity when it comes to the provision of Technology Enabled Care Services.

Our comprehensive range of Reach Digital At-Home Alarm Units have been designed to work over both digital and analogue infrastructures, with the ability to offer any individual a secure and critical connection to a response service in the event that they require assistance. The Reach range of Digital At Home Alarm units will connect seamlessly to almost any Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) platform or personal recipient using either analogue or digital alarm handling protocols.

Digital Telecare peripherals can wirelessly connect to our range of Reach Digital At-Home Alarm Units in order to expand its capabilities and provide tailored solutions to an individual’s needs. Our range of Digital Telecare devices allow a user to make an emergency call for help, or make the call for them when the device recognises a persons need for assistance.

All products comply with the appropriate industry standards, ensuring that quality, performance and reliability can be assured at all times.

Digital Grouped Living Solutions

Digital Grouped LivingWith the analogue to digital transition well underway in the telecommunications sector, it’s vitally important that housing providers can react effectively to these changes and continue to offer the security and peace of mind that their residents expect and rely on.

Our digitally enabled Advent XT grouped living systems are designed to support people to live independently in a supported housing environment that not only enables people to remain independent in their present situation but provides future proofed, flexible options that can be tailored to incorporate additional functionality should an individual’s needs change. Our Digital Advent XT systems can operate on their own or be configured to offer combined door entry systems for a more cost effective and integrated solution.

Digital Journey

Digital JourneyAnalogue technology that has been used to operate Technology Enabled Care services (TECs) across the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) in the UK for over 40 years is being replaced by digital infrastructures.

OFCOM advise that this transition will be concluded by 2025, although in some areas of the UK the work is expected to be completed sooner.

This process has important implications for existing analogue assisted living and TECs technologies. In many cases products will continue to operate, but may become less reliable and more complex to install and manage.

Operators must therefore transition to dedicated, digitally enabled services and solutions in order to support current and future service users.

Benefits of going Digital

Digital technology has the ability to revolutionise the way in which TECs deliver care to service users. In comparison to outdated analogue technology, a digital IP solution offers the benefits of:

  • Always being “on” and connected
  • Improved speed of connection
  • Reliability of communication
  • Simultaneous calls exchanged seamlessly across platforms
  • Handling large volumes of data
  • Efficient installation
  • Early indication of loss of communication
  • Ability to deliver new digital services
  • Increase operational efficiencies

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Warden Call Maintenance

HJS carry out warden call maintenance for all our existing warden call contracts. All of our engineers are Tynetec accredited having attended a course on maintenance of systems. We offer a 24/7 call out with fully stocked vans.

Specifically with warden call blocks, we attend within 2-4 hours and can be responding to any issues on the warden call equipment, hard wired or dispersed, communal doors, access control, auto closers, or access control.

We also undertake servicing on sites on an annual basis with detailed reports passed onto the client.

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