Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

Harrold-Jones Services is committed to protecting and enhancing local and global environments by ensuring that operations are carried out in a sustainable way.

We take green responsibilities very seriously and are active in promoting environmentally responsible business ethics.

Harrold-Jones Services works closely with suppliers and customers to achieve a high level of performance against our Environmental and Sustainability Policy, with the aim of reducing our carbon footprint and fuel use. Compliance with the Fire Industry Association (FIA) ensures we meet the many regulatory requirements that help to reduce the environmental impact of the business.

Sustainable purchasing strategy

We use suppliers that offer a range of products rather than buying individual products from several suppliers. We work with our supply chain to reduce vehicle travel, packaging and manpower, which, in turn, reduce the environmental impact of the business.

Safe product disposal

Wherever possible, Harrold-Jones Services recycles the waste it creates to ensure that the environmental impact of the business is minimised. We work with manufacturers and / or their agents to ensure that waste is dealt with in the most environmentally friendly way.

Eco-friendly fleet supply to reduce emissions

We have a fleet supply agreement for eco-friendly ranges of vehicles, this offers fuel-efficient vehicles with carbon dioxide emissions under 160g/km.

Fleet driver training for efficient vehicle operation has also been implemented.

Harrold-Jones Services has assessed and monitored its drivers to ensure safe and efficient driving.

This policy has resulted in a reduction in emissions and increased fuel efficiency.

Smartnav sat navigation systems fitted to all vehicles

This system routes drivers to their destination and provides ‘live’ updates to ensure congestion is avoided. Along with reducing emissions and fuel use, these devices improve driver productivity by providing stress-free journeys for our service team.

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